Monday, December 21, 2009

Magic is in the Air at Cape May Stage this Holiday Season!

There is magic in Cape May! The glorious voices on the Robert Shackleton Stage combine with a chill outside to transform an ordinary night into a warm, holiday confection! The final performances of "An O. Henry Christmas" cap the most extraordinary season in memory. If you haven't experienced these funny and poignant musicals that celebrate faith, hope and charity, call now and make reservations. Watch your cares disappear as you escape into this world that O. Henry wrote about over a hundred years ago! Have a hot chocolate on your way to the theater!

This holiday season is the time to give subscriptions to Cape May Stage's 2010 season. This year, CMS is offering more options to fit your budget and your schedule. If you like opening nights there is a special subscription that will reserve your seats for every opening. Hurry to get your favorite seats now and then enjoy the parties and mingle with the cast and directors of each show. There are also special Saturday night subscriptions and bargain prices for shows on weeknights. Seniors get reduced price subscriptions too! Experience the magic of live theater all year long.

The real magic (is magic real?) happens on December 30 at 8 PM and December 31 at 2 PM when Michael Russell Walsh and Johnny Mass perform their spellbinding "Intimate Evening of Grand Parlor Magic". Come to our beautiful theater and be transported on a magical journey reminiscent of the golden era of magic when conjurors entertained high society in parlor rooms fit for kings. These artists will mystify you with their stunning stage show. Magic goes back to ancient China and India. There is mention of magic in the bible. Philosophers have discussed reality and magic from the earliest days to the present. What a way to start the New Years festivities! What you see...may not be. Have another drink and figure out how they do these mind boggling tricks!

The Second Stage is proud to have these great performers as the final act of the season. You can make reservations before all the tickets.....disappear!!

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